Spiritual Coaching

Everyone's heard of coaching - life coaching, business coaching, sports coaching. People use coaching to achieve goals and move their lives forward to where they want it to be.

Spiritual coaching is a little different. It's more about finding your purpose and a sense of deep peace and wholeness. It helps you learn to trust your self and your intuition; to break free of beliefs and patterns that no longer serve your highest wellbeing.

Stones of Meaning


Don't confuse religion with spirituality. You don't have to be religious or follow a particular belief system to experience this type of coaching. But, do be prepared to strengthen your connection with what might be called your soul.


The Collins Dictionary defines the soul as "the spirit or immaterial part of human beings, the seat of human personality, intellect, will and emotions". It can also be seen as the fundamental nature of everything.



We are living through times where feelings of disconnection from ourselves and others seem to be the norm. Our lives are often filled with drama, despondency, and even despair. Our world is too often one of distraction and superficiality.This all leads to a disturbing sense of alienation. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself at the soul level can help your life become more meaningful and calmer, more centred and grounded. It reconnects you to your Self.










Growing Spiritually

Any coaching journey is one of discovery. With spiritual coaching that journey will lead you to freedom - to a more authentic life and expression of your true self.

Through the coaching process, you will learn how to use your own inner knowledge as a guide to your spiritual evolution.


Spiritual coaching will enable you to:





  • Change focus to the positive and move away from judgements and negativity

  • Stop being a victim and take responsibility for your life

  • Move from despair to appreciation and gratitude

  • Open to compassion by embracing your self in all your aspects

  • Create deeper meaning in your life

  • Create the next steps on your journey

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What To Expect - The Coaching Relationship:

My commitment to you

  • I will provide a private, safe space outside of your everyday life where you can explore who you are and express what you really feel.

  • I will listen. I will hear you with unconditional regard and without judgement.

  • I will help you to grow in any way that I can, supporting you through the challenges of that growth.

  • I will help you solve problems, reach goals and make decisions.

  • I will be your mentor and ally on your spiritual journey.

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Your commitment to yourself - be willing to

  • Experiment, try new things on for size

  • Look again at assumptions and decisions you've made

  • Remove sources of stress in your life

  • Set huge goals and achieve them

  • Take excellent care of yourself

  • Do your homework

  • Enjoy our time together!

My Coaching Style

I am a highly sensitive empath, both clairsentient and claircognizant. I will coach you using all of the resources I have gained throughout my own spiritual journey.


Using coaching, shamanic and energetic techniques I will support you, challenge you and guide you to be the best and most authentic version of yourself. We will travel together to your centre, your heart. And, there you will find love - the Source, the centre of Consciousness.


If spiritual coaching interests you please do get in touch here for a free consultation.

We will then have a 30-minute free taster session to chat and see if we can work together.

Please do not make any payments until we have completed this step.


Important Information:

Coaching is not psychotherapy. For deep-seated emotional issues, it may be appropriate to seek further help from a therapist or counsellor.





Take a look below for more information on how we will work together and prices.

Option 1:

Via Skype at agreed times.

Option 2:

If you are in the Lytham St Annes area, we can meet for face to face sessions.


If you decide to go ahead we will work together for four weeks, comprising of:

three, one hour sessions and email contact as necessary - £190


Once I have received your payment I will email you a welcome pack, which includes preparation for our first session.


On completion of the first months coaching, you may decide to continue and book another three sessions, or I offer further single sessions if you just need an occasional check-in:

One hour - £70



Cancellations policy for coaching appointments:

As short notice cancellations cause significant disruption to my schedule I do not offer refunds under 72hrs notice. If you know you will not be able to attend please contact me 72hrs in advance of your booking. Please see the Terms & Conditions.


I look forward to working with you.



Bookings & Payment