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Deepen your self-knowledge with spiritual life coaching. Stop the struggle and change your life.

We all need support at some time in our lives and we usually look to our friendship group when we’re in need. Our friends and families are always there for us, right? But, when we need to make a change within ourselves, when we are suffering over that stubborn something that never seems to shift, it's often better to seek that support elsewhere.


Coaching is not just having a friendly chat and getting sympathy and advice. It's a creative and dynamic partnership where you are the agenda. Friends often have agendas of their own (conscious and unconscious) - it can be better for them to have you stay as you are than make a transformation in yourself. If you change then what does that mean for them?

Friends will always offer sympathy - but sometimes what you need is a challenge. Limiting beliefs (and most of us have these without knowing) will not always be recognised by those closest to us. In fact, our friends can help keep these in place e.g. you may have a pattern of playing the victim and your friends will always support you in this by commiserating about how life is so unfair. That doesn’t help you see the belief and negative self-talk that is that’s holding you back. Rather, it keeps you static.

It takes commitment to change your world. In a coaching relationship, we both commit to a pre-determined amount of time to work on your development. With family and friends, this is very different – as peoples lives get busy with work and kids, it’s often necessary to move friend time to the bottom of the priority list.

Coaches are non-judgemental. Friends may judge us, even if they keep that to themselves. My only agenda is my client’s growth and success. A coach always believes that you have everything you need right now to create the life you want, make your changes and realise your dreams. I see you as resourceful, whole, creative – and help you see the truth of that, even if you don’t currently believe it. When someone holds this vision for you, it enables you to access your power, in whatever way is best for you. And this ripples out into all areas of your life like a wave.

If you have a great coach they will undoubtedly feel like a friend. They will care about your feelings and emotions. But that will not stop them from asking you provocative questions and holding you 100% accountable for yourself and the choices you consciously or unconsciously make. The relationship is a professional, confidential one and the basis of the relationship is your success in achieving your goals.

A coaching relationship does not replace your friendships – they will always be a central part of your life where you share your experiences. And very, very occasionally, a friend can also be a good coach; the skills of coaching are very different from those of friendship.

But, if you’re feeling stuck and are looking for a way forward to create meaningful change in your life, then give coaching a try. You’ll unlock completely new and exciting views of the world, and you’ll be able to live your best life, fired up, empowered and enthusiastic.

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