My Journey


As a child, my world was filled with animals of all kinds. My father was a 'greyhound man', and my very first lesson in energy exchange and bodywork came from massaging the dogs to ready them for racing. My whole family loved animals and it was a gift to have been surrounded by them. I loved them all of course, but in the centre of my heart was Cat. And, she is still there and always will be.


I began exploring the worlds major religions when I was 12. I was intensely curious about 'spirit' and 'god' and the many ways there were of finding them.

By age 18, I had come to the conclusion that all roads eventually lead to the same place, but that none of these well-travelled paths was for me. I decided to walk my own way and started on a lifelong journey of challenging personal growth and spiritual exploration.


I learned to meditate, did dream-work, magic and poked into the darker realms of my consciousness.

In my 20's I was meeting spirit through the energy of Circle Dance and beginning to wake up to my shamanism. In my 30's I was telephone coaching and coaching teams in the workplace. I studied shiatsu, became debilitatingly ill and had a miraculous recovery. In my 40's I sold my home and left England in search of freedom, and went to live on an island in the sun.


There, on Fuerteventura, I became a Reiki Master/Teacher and worked with both the animals and people of the island for nearly a decade. I learnt to use several different vibrations of energy during this time, not related to Reiki, and these days my healing and coaching work draws upon the entirety of my experience.

To all the teachers and energy masters I met there and with whom I spent so many hours of discussion, work and learning (and most of all fun!) - I am in your debt and offer you deep thanks for the joy, the lessons and most of all the energy. I was blessed and privileged to have spent time with you.

What a journey it has been - rich, fat and juicy! -  the journey to the self.


I am currently based on the west coast of the UK in Lytham St Annes. 

Third Degree Reiki Master/Teacher (Usui Tradition of Natural Healing).

Associate Member - Omnes Healing




Dog walker



I went to Niky for a Reiki treatment to help me with chronic spinal pain. I have had a spinal fusion following years of disability, which had left me with a lot of residual sciatic pain and a 60% loss of sensation in my lower limbs.

After only 2 treatments I started to feel a connection with my feet, something I haven’t had for 20 years! After another treatment the pain improved to an extent I would never have believed.

I have received many different treatments over a 35 year period both conventional and alternative and can honestly say the Reiki that Niky offers is THE most effective I have ever had. With a few maintenance treatments, I was able to enjoy an improved quality of life. I am struggling once again to find anyone as perceptive and intuitive a practitioner. I recommend her skills unreservedly.


Cathie Bambra, Fuerteventura