Energetic Space Clearing

Like a pebble dropped in water, everything that happens carries an energetic resonance that ripples outwards. That energy sticks in the space and to the objects of a room; gets imprinted into the fabric of your home or work space.

So, just as we need to physically clean and maintain our homes, we also need to clean up after ourselves on the energetic level.


Have you ever noticed the change in the atmosphere after an argument? That heavy feeling. Like you can still feel all that emotion just hanging in the air. That’s because it’s doing just that, so the anger and tension become tangible even long after the event. It’s not just strong emotions and trauma; day to day living causes a build-up of stagnant energy in the same way we physically create mess, dirty dishes and stale clothing.


Feng shui is now a common tool that many people are familiar with as a way of creating energetic flow in our homes. However, if the space has not been cleared first, and is then kept energetically clean on a regular basis, feng shui cures can create more problems than they fix! Clearing clutter is part of working with feng shui and needs to be done to maintain energetic flow, but energetic clearing deals with the invisible clutter that all buildings accumulate over time.


Inevitably, this ‘stuck’ energy will have an effect on the people and animals inhabiting it. You can often feel depleted and drained. You may find it difficult to motivate yourself or achieve your goals and instead feel tired and listless all the time. Emotionally, you may feel repeatedly angry or sad without really having a reason.























































Bookings & Payment

Is your home a sanctuary?

Is it a soothing place of comfort and peace? Does it feel light and uplifting when you spend time there?

If the answer is no, then energetic clearing can help to re-balance and re-charge the energy you’re living in.

Leather Chair

There are many reasons why the energy in your living space can get stuck:

  • Daily living
  • Repeated releases of strong emotion – a family that argues all the time will leave a lot of energetic debris floating around.
  • Divorce or starting a new relationship
  • Moving into a new home that’s filled with the energetic resonance of the former occupants
  • A traumatic event e.g. an accident or a death
  • Losing your job
  • An environment with a lot of electronic equipment
  • The physical layout of rooms/furniture can cause blockages or traps that stop the smooth flow of energy

To book a space clearing session you can contact me here.



Free 30 minute initial consultation in the space to be cleared. We can discuss the problem and see if I can help.


If we go ahead, the clearing session will cost £150, plus travel costs outside the Lytham St Anne area.