Energy healing for people and animals

Energy work and spiritual coaching

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St Annes on Sea, Lancashire, England

There is no separation.


There is only connection.


Connection to ourselves, the land we live on, to our loved ones and animal companions, and to the communities we are part of.


It is only through these connections that we heal and experience wholeness, deep wellbeing and our true selves.


If you are seeking that connection and searching a spiritual path, or if you or your pet are unwell and out of balance then I would like to help and support you.


I offer energetic healing, both hands-on and remote, spiritual coaching/mentoring and energy clearing for living and workspaces. Go here to get a better understanding of how energetic healing works.

Follow these links to learn about my own spiritual journey and the healing services I offer. To find out more about spiritual life coaching and why you might find it beneficial follow this link.

There are several free resources to download that may help you with the basics of spiritual practise. Finally, visit my blog to find articles on wellbeing, healing and animals.

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Explore the difference between self-care and self-love and the consequences of the self-care industry. Discover why your positive affirmations and manifestations don't always work and move towards loving yourself more. Understand shadow work and follow exercises like journaling, visualisation and dreamwork, to free yourself from old emotions and limiting beliefs. Start your journey to self-love